President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, May 11th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, May 11th:
· Roundtable with automaker CEOs
· Remarks on lowering drug prices
· Meeting with Secretary of State

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, May 11th


Despite the tremendous success we're having with the economy and everything else, 91% of network news about me is negative. Take away credentials?

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Viewers reactions:

Rakib Rahman From an outsiders point of view, your stock market climbed 6000 (14000-20000) points during the Obama presidency, which lasted 8 years. So far, it has already passed 26000 (6000 points up) points in the FIRST YEAR of the Trump presidency. So it would appear to an outsider that Trump has really kick-started the US economy. Or have I got those figures wrong?

Chris Arakaky It's amazing that the President's approval rating is even close to 50% when 90% of all the media coverage is negative. I don't think Obama, W., or Clinton could've handled that.

Anthony Conrod America does not have a President, it has 4 Presidents in one! Energy, dignity, stamina, and commitment to serving the USA is unparalleled. There is nothing more American than President Trump. His vulgarity makes him shine like a baby iguana. Wherever there is a Stormy sea, he brings the tranquility! He is the golden lighthouse. 

Danielle Latona I love what you’re doing and your strength! I have NEVER seen someone get attacked like you, and yet you keep on fighting for us and America keeps on winning! Thank you from your deplorables! 1,2,3 trigger alert, come on snowflakes, spew your hate! We know you can’t help yourself since the #fakenews media has you drinking poison!

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