President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, December 21st

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, December 21st:
· Signing ceremony for S. 756, “First Step Act” and H.R. 6964, “Juvenile Justice Reform Act”
· Signing ceremony for H.R. 7213, “The Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Act”

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Congress just passed the Criminal Justice Reform Bill known as the First Step Act. Congratulations! This is a great bipartisan achievement for everybody. When both parties work together we can keep our country safer. A wonderful thing for the U.S.A.!

So hard to believe that Lindsey Graham would be against saving soldier lives & billions of $$$. Why are we fighting for our enemy, Syria, by staying & killing ISIS for them, Russia, Iran & other locals? Time to focus on our Country & bring our youth back home where they belong!

House set to pass spending bill with $5 billion for border wall

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