American Idol 2019: Peter Lemongello Jr Audition Follows In Dad's Footsteps

Peter Lemongello Jr. Audition Follows In Dad’s Footsteps

Peter Lemongello Jr Audition

Can’t Help Myself by Four Tops – Lionel talks “Instant Identity” It’s another judges phrase worthy of a drinking game.  Those of you of a certain age may remember the album Peter’s father hawked on TV in the mid-70s. Peter Sr. was the first person to sell over one million albums on TV in 1976. We see a bit of the cringy commercial. He described his song as “mood love rock.” Peter Jr. describes that he loves music from the 50s. Lionel, of course, remembers dad. Peter claims to friends with all the old groups. Well, the replacement dudes in the old groups.

His voice is better than I expected. He’s soulful. Cheesy, though. He should can the hokey stolen Motown moves. Luke thinks he needs some polish. Lionel thinks he’s not right for American Idol. Lionel and Luke say NO. Katy says YES. Check his dad’s commercial circa the 70’s CRINGE. Oh gosh, dad had some trouble with the law. Arson charge resulted in 10 years probation.  Also, Peter Jr performed on a PBS Doo Wop special “I was never happy with today’s music,” he says. Oh gosh. A fake TV commercial mocking poor young Peter. On the way out, he’s very disappointed, sneering that the “other guy” (Luke) “didn’t like me from the get go.”

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