Someone Hilariously Remade Pepsi’s ‘Ice The Kicker’ Commercial To Now Star Cody Parkey

The internet remains undefeated.

With Cody Parkey missed a kick that would have won the game for the Bears against the Eagles in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs Sunday, someone remade Pepsi’s ‘Ice The Kicker’ commercial to now feature the Bears kicker.


Viewer reaction:


Veronica Munoz Y'all need to do a video from the movie Ace Ventura pet detective where the guy misses the kick

Zackary Dylan Bachman Thank God the choke vodo passed to the Bears this year. Maybe my team will have a chance now.

Austin Hoover Vikings fans inviting the bears fans to watch the rest of the playoffs with them like

Matt Addington The ball was actually tippped… but if they just put Nick Foles back there and have him lay on his back, his dick could block every single kick.

Brittany Lorene just a reminder that the only reason the eagles got into the playoffs is because the bears won. and the only reason they advance is because the kicker missed. has NOTHING to do with nick or how they played.

Kevin John I'm glad there was no social media when the Buffalo Bills lost 4 SB's in a row. I probably would've killed someone.. or myself. 
Then again, I'm a Bills fan, 
I should just kill myself.

Everyone blaming parkey, but no blame on their offense? I mean they had all game to get more TDs and failed. They lost as a team period it wasn't just one guys fault. But the bears have arrived that defense is no joke. The offense needs some work but that's a very good team. Also you clowns sending him death threats get a life it's not that serious.

Thomas Beringer Cody Parkley has officially transformed into Ray Finkle. 10 years from now he will escape from a psych ward, get a sex change soon after and become a Captian of the Chicago PD under the name Lois Einhorn. He will then kidnap Trubisky and get his revenge on the bears and their fans


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