Patriots WR Brandin Cooks’ Wikipedia Page Still Says He Died From Hit In Super Bowl LII

During the opening minutes of the second quarter of Super Bowl LII between New England and Philadelphia, Brandin Cooks caught a pass over the middle for a huge gain, only to be blindsided by a vicious hit from Malcom Jenkins of the Eagles.

Viewers reacted:

Daniel Koch He literally has no awareness on the field! Everytime he catches the ball, he starts running around like a chicken with no head! I thought he was a legit #1 WR, and I was completely wrong, he's only a straight line speedster!

Danny Bianchi I'm guessing you just saw this somewhere and didn't verify it. It definitely doesn't say that now(and likely not 22 min ago when you posted this)

Chris Pettengill Patriots fan here but that is too fucking funny! lmao

Taylor Moore Who says, "If you open your mouth one more time…" more; Tom Brady or his son?

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