Patriots Sign NFL Referee Carl Paganelli To 3-Year Deal Worth $12 Million

Patriots Sign NFL Referee Carl Paganelli 

With NFL free agency in a frenzy, the New England Patriots are among the teams making moves to improve their roster.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, New England has signed referee Carl Paganelli to a 3-year deal worth a reported $12 million, with $5 million guaranteed and a $1 million signing bonus.

The move comes after the Patriots failed to beat the Eagles in Super Bowl LII, unable to rack enough phantom penalties to overcome Nick Foles and the Eagles offense.

“We needed to bolster our roster of guys out there,” head coach Bill Belichick told reporters during the team’s media session Tuesday. “We cut a few guys who refused to throw a roughing the passer penalty on the opposing team’s defense even though the didn’t touch Brady, and then in the mix of guys we let go were ones making the cheating too obvious.

“Goldstein should be a good addition here in New England.”

Viewers reacted to Patriots Sign NFL Referee Carl Paganelli 

Jared Poole Did anyone else watch the super bowl??? The pats definitely had no help from the refs

Ryan Hardison Yes the refs were clearly for the Pats last year when there was 2 controversial touchdown calls (both correct calls imo) that went against NE in the superbowl last year. I'm not a Patriots fans, I despise them, but usually blaming the refs for your teams' incompetent is pathetic. And the only games were calls played a big role for NE last year were the Jags game and the Pitt game and let's be honest. The steelers lost because Tomlin is an idiot and Ben choked, and the jags lost cause they shot themselves in the foot like 10 times.

Matt Greenstein Come on NFL memes you should know by now that the pats don’t pay that much for their players. They would franchise him and then trade him for a bunch of 5th round picks.

Jonathan Simard closet Pat fans … its ok you can come out and we'll except you . we know you love the Pats its ok .. deal with it .. your closet pats fans talk more about my team then your own .. its alright just look in the mirror and acknowledge that your a closet Pats fan .. its ok

Timmy Dee These "Patriots buy the refs" memes wouldn't even be funny any more if not for all the Pats fans getting sulky about it.

Ronald Richard If you all loved your own team as much as you hate the pats your team might go places. Positive energy goes a long way. Keep hating lol don't forget to tune next year when the pats are in yet another superbowl

Rob Pluchino, Should of got half, he isn't worth that much unless we(Patriots fans) see the Patriots win the superbowl

William Hibbard It just amazes me how much shit people throw at the Patriots. Spy gate was nothing that every other team in the NFL wasn't doing. The NFL spent millions on deflate gate proved nothing yet still suspended Brady for four games and the Patriots still won three of them. It is funny how all this has coincided with the last 16 years when they have been the most successful team in Sports History. Where was all this shit for four decades when they were the laughing stock of first the AFL and then the NFL.

Connor Refka If any of you saw the superbowl then you should know the refs missed several calls against the eagles, haha Patriots Sign NFL Referee Carl Paganelli  so funny

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