"Runaway Train" | Patrick McAloon The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Patrick McAloon’s Song Selection Speaks to Adam Levine – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Patrick McAloon The Voice

Dad’s up first.  He’s got a cool hat on, and he’s got a gritty voice.  He reminds me a bit of Josh Kaufman, but not as smooth.   You can tell he’s a seasoned performer.  Blake and Adam both turn.  He really gets into after the chair turns, big note at the end and John also turns.  Patrick says he’s a freak about Sting and Peter Gabriel.  John tells him he sounded incredible, big powerful and also tender notes, with skill, charm and presence.  Adam says he’s excited to work with him.  Adam says every once in a while he finds someone who does different things with songs, he has a gritty, high range and he loves everything about him.  Blake says he likes Sting and Peter Gabriel, but he loves Patrick.  Blake would be honored to have him on his team.  Patrick chooses Team Adam!  Adam says his song choice spoke to him, and John tells us they were made for each other.

Ruby McAloon 16, Barrington, RI ”

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