Oscar and Pam The Singing Dog America’s Got Talent 2018

GT 2018 Sneak Peek Oscar and Pam the singing dog. America's Got Talent 2018 Season 13 Episode 6

Oscar and Pam Singing Dog ACT Mel B X Buzzed them out America's Got Talent 2018 Judge Cuts 1 

This will be Simon’s favorite act. He’s been wanting a singing dog forever.His “human” Pam accompanies him on piano. Ha. Anybody who watches dogs on Youtube (YES I DO SHUT UP) has seen this a million times. And better examples, to be honest. But who doesn’t love an adorable dog? “I think he sings,” says Simon. “We may have found our first singing dog. This is exciting.” Heidi and Mel aren’t convinced. Howie loves him. Oh look at that sweet doggo face! Say yes Mel and Heidi. Dang. Heidi says no. Mel is persuaded to say yes. – 3 yeses 1 no

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