Watch Full One of the Good Ones by Gabby Barrett

Gabby Barrett Sings One of The Good Ones

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Wanted to jump on here right quick because I heard “The Good Ones” is climbing in the Top 5 on the Country Radio Chart. AMAZING!!!!!!
So happy y’all love this song as much as I do. Thank you Country Radio always, and thank you fans! Sending my love from the couch, smelling like spoiled milk

Official Gabby Barrett One of the Good Ones Music Video

Finally! I loved this song before it ever hit the actual radio. It reminds me of my husband. So much so, that it speaks to my heart and I feel it in my soul. I cried the first time I heard it. Your best song yet

I downloaded so many of your songs a while ago! Their all so good and well written! It’s been a while since I found an album where I loved it all and not just one or two songs! So happy this song is finally hitting the radio it’s beautiful and the music video made me cry! If I was planning a wedding I’d definitely pick it as my first dance song!

I love that song just as much as I loved you on American Idol!! You deserve it!! You have an amazingly beautiful voice!!

Get yours: Here

Gabby Barrett One of The Good Ones lyrics

Gabby, I hear this song at least ones a day on the radio sometimes more. Every time it comes on the radio goes up. Love this song and I miss seeing your beautiful face! Baylah is very lucky to have such a beautiful mama! Hope Kade is doing well! Thank you for all your hard work we love watching this Steel town girl grow up

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