Update on April, Oliver and Tajiri the Giraffe

Baby G: Mama, when will I grow up?
Summer: Baby G, you will grow up soon enough. Don't be in a hurry. Don't rush through your life. 
Willie: I am in a hurry to grab your carrots and lettuce, and I am rushing to get our shared hay, and add them to my pile. It is growing up. 
Summer: Willie, there is more to life than food. 
Baby G: No, I mean grow UP, get taller?
Summer: You will get taller every day. You were 5'9" when you were born and you are over 7'4" now. 
Willie: Lady giraffes love me now and will love me even more when I am taller. They love tall guys. 
Summer: Willie! All giraffes are tall. 
Baby G: I want to be taller now. 
Summer: Why?
Baby G: I can almost, but not quite reach the hay basket. 
Summer: Yes, you are very close. But you couldn't eat that hay anyhow. You are two months old, and it will be another two months before you can really eat hay. 
Baby G: How come you eat so much?
Willie: She eats your share, my share and her share. She should learn to share. 
Summer: Willie, I don't eat your share! You get your share out of sight. People think I am hogging it all, but that shared hay basket belongs to both of us. Baby, I eat a lot because I am a nursing mother, and I am a giraffe. Because giraffes are so big, they need up to 75 pounds a day of food. In the wild, that is a whole lot of acacia leaves! In our case, it is a lot of romaine lettuce, carrots, alfalfa hay and grain. 
Baby G: Why does it seem like you are eating when you really aren't?
Summer: Like cows, we giraffes have cuds and stomachs with chambers. We bring food back up and chew it again. We chew our cuds. 
Baby G: Do we have a lot of teeth?
Summer: We have a bony ridge in place of front teeth. Our teeth are in the back of our mouths. We have 32 grinding teeth back there. That is the same number of teeth as humans have. We have much longer tongues than humans do. 
Baby G: Do humans have to worry about getting bitten when they feed us?
Summer: No, they don't. But other animals, like dogs and horses, have their teeth in the front of their mouths, and can bite humans. 
Baby G: World, wait until I grow up a little, then feed me carrots. Don't worry, I don't bite!

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