Oliver Graves: Gothic Comedian Slays Hilarious Set, Gets Emotional – America’s Got Talent 2018

Oliver Graves – Comic  – He sounds and acts normal, but looks totally goth. He works a day job, but wants to prove that he can do his act his way and succeed. He delivers a bunch of deadpan jokes.The audience is a little confused.

 Hm. These jokes around quite landing. Howie is laughing though.Actually, his jokes are clever, if not in a HA HA HA type of way. Mel calls him humble and real and dark. Howie gushes so much, Oliver begins tearing up. He confesses that he doesn’t book many shows. Simon calls him memorable. 4 yeses

Comic – Deadpan comic dressed in goth impressed the judges the first time. He works retail–he wants to quit his day job! He’s been gigging in preparation for this moment. His jokes don’t always land. But he gets off a couple pretty good self deprecating zingers. “This guy is so unique and so original,” says Howie, “I love you.” Martina loves his timing. “You are definitely someone we’re going to remember,” says Simon.

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