Oliv Blu Performs Dynamic "On & On" Cover - The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Oliv Blu Performs Dynamic “On & On” Cover – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Oliv Blu The Voice 

Oliv Blu “Smooth Operator” Team Blake

Saxophone behind her, excellent lighting on her face.  She is doing an expected jazzy take on this song.  Not a huge fan of the song, but it does allow her to show her different take on things.  Her face is so animated as she sings.  she’s wearing a long red dress, she moves away from the mic stand now but she sounds a little nervous.  The song never really takes off it was okay.  Blake is on his feet.

John regrets that he’s her former coach, she was impressive.  Comments on her hair (it’s huge) and her look.  He says it takes discipline to sing with clarity and she pulled it off.  Blake tells her she sounded incredible and he feels like she came out of her shell and embraced the moment she became an artist on stage tonight.

She’s so excited to sing a song that inspires her and tells the kind of artist she wants to be.  One chair turn. Team John!

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