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What a journey it’s been! One thing that’s got me truly excited is that for the first time in SEVEN SEASONS, all four of our coaches have an artist competing in the finals, and all four of our finalists represent different corners of the music industry. Things could get interesting!

Jake Hoot for the win! All four were amazing but Jake has been my pick since the beginning!

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This was a winning performance. I was on the edge of my seat the whole entire time. This lady. Her voice. It’s truly on a whole other leve

Katie Kaden – Team Legend


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I much prefer Rose over Katie, not saying Katie isn’t great. Just feel she is too theatrical for serious listening. Rose is much more pleasant to actually listen to. Katie needs to be seen as well as heard, much more suited to Broadway.

Rose Short – Team Gwen – America Saved


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He is a winner no matter the outcome. This was by far and away the best original song of the night. Anyone with a great voice (and that definitely excludes me!) can sing a song within their range. He has the originality that makes it stand out

Ricky Duran – Team Blake


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Viewer reaction:

Denise Kline I voted for Ricky, but I didn’t love “Running Down a Dream.” It didn’t showcase his voice and range like other songs he’s done. Rose was incredible, but I’m still pulling for Ricky.

Michelle Sahs All 4 did great. I feel like Rose and Katie will split votes since they are both similar powerhouses. I think Ricky will win. I do like Jake too but he’s more understated than the other 4.

Keithan Washington This is the closest singing match ever in a finale on the voices. All four were so good. Jake and Kelly had best duet. Everyone sung on a very high level tonight. I really feel it’s so close it’s anybody’s game. I’m still going with Katie though. Her last song was great. I think Katie will beat Rose in a very close one. Jake and Ricky were great too. They sang pretty even to me. Jake gets a small edge over Ricky tonight. Katie is still my choice.

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