President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Saturday, December 1st

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Saturday, December 1st:
· Meeting with the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
· Adoption of the G20 Communique and closing remarks by the President of the Argentine Republic
· Meeting with the President of the Republic of Turkey
· Press Conference
· Working dinner with the President of the People’s Republic of China
· Travel to Washington, D.C.

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Viewer reactions:

Manny Valera Jr Have a great day Mr President, keep pushing your agenda . Finally we have a real president that stand for America . Build that wall ASAP

Matthew Phillips Keep on keepin on, Mr President!! You have outperformed everyone’s expectations, even mine. Thank u, and Merry Christmas

Maggie Smith Stick to your guns on China, you’re doing the right thing. Your political instincts are better than anything I’ve ever seen. Future generations will teach about how YOU brought balance back to global trade. Thank you for your courage and brilliance on these matters and thank you for standing up for America

Ludzie Przyjaciel Best President Ever. Always goes beyond what is expected of Him. Never takes a Penny for being this Country’s Leader And President. God Bless You President Trump. And Thank You

Jt Trosper All while watching his master Putin laugh with the Saudi prince about how easy it is to own trump

What a national embarrassment


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