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Official Donald J. Trump Podcast

Official Donald J Trump Podcast

President Donald Trump jusd releases his new podcast

"I am excited to announce the NEW "Official Donald J. Trump Podcast." Catch FULL INTERVIEWS with special guests like Don Jr. and Congressman Jim Jordan!

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Viewer react to Official Donald J Trump Podcast

Kelly : Please know Mr. President that you and the Patriots of our Republic are fighting against Satan and his demons for the very soul of our nation. Your supporters are with you and our resolve is unshaken. Please pray sir and stay strong. We are praying for you and appreciate what you are doing for us and our families and love Official Donald J Trump Podcast
We are still here sir.

Lorenda Butler Drabek The music is annoying. Truly. I believe in Trump. He is an amazing Patriot, and exactly what we need as our President. I pray his detractors find themselves buried in the muck and mire of their hatred, and cry out to our Merciful God for help, and change their ways. It has to be more important to them than power and money, though, and the enemy is so good at his sales pitch. God's peace to The Donald, and his family. I pray for his strength, and that of his wife, to stay the course.

Mark Diana Campbell What a wonderful gift to the US if you would arrest Hillary, Obama, John Kerry and Biden on the 4th of July!!! Now that would be freaking awesome… You can arrest the other puppets on the 5th… that would be ok too!!!

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