Official Army for Trump Merchandise 2020 -

Official Army for Trump Merchandise 2020

Official Army for Trump Merchandise 2020

Thanks to the decisive leadership of President Trump in January, where he suspended all travel from China, established a quarantining effort for Americans that would be returning to this country, we believe that we’re in a much better place today than we would have been otherwise,” Vice President Mike Pence

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Fox News is working hard pushing the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats. They want to be, unlike their competitors, CNN & MSDNC (Comcast), Fair & Balanced. When will they ever learn. The Radical Left never even gave Fox News permission to partake in their low rated debates!

Viewer react to Army for Trump

Casey Buckley I would love to help, but I have some very aggressive communist neighbors who are involved with Antifa. These people are no longer allowed in city hall because they acted up so badly at a City Council meeting. Scary Bernie supporters here in Massachusetts.

Al Talieri Donald Trump has Won at everything!
Rest assured, he will win the 2020 election in a landslide!
He cannot be stopped by a Commie, Future Dementia patient or a vertically challenged X mayor…

Chuck Butera I’m safe to talk as a Snowbird in Florida but forget my home of over 70 years in Greater Boston . Ashamed of my state and blame schools , colleges and corrupt politicians who need your money for their jobs and wealth .

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