America's Got Talent 2018 Noah Guthrie Show Me Some Mercy Video

Noah Guthrie Sings Show Me Some Mercy

Singer, Glee alum – Once again, dad is featured in the video package. He talks about how shy Noah was as a kid. Noah says after Glee ended “there was nothing.” Just did a search…Noah is taking a big chance with an original song called “Show Me Some Mercy.”  It’s a decent song. At some point, I suppose, he needed to prove he can be a viable artist. Still, his covers are better. Heidi calls him a “double threat…a triple threat. You’re very handsome tonight.” He tells Simon he wrote the song. Simon is proud of him, calls him the “comeback kid…I’m proud of you.”  Howie doesn’t like the song. Doesn’t think it will resonate with the audience. Mel B agrees with Howie.I’m rooting for this kid. I liked him a lot on Glee. 

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