Noah Guthrie Sings I Will Always Love You

Noah Guthrie I Will Always Love You

In his video package, he talks about making correct choices as he gazes down an empty highway. Oh, this is about making song choices–Simon and Howie both criticized him. He’s confident that tonight’s song will impress everyone! He sings an odd, bluesy flip of “I Will Always Love You.” The electric guitar parts are very Elvis. The Voice sounds like he’s been rehearsing too much. People are either going to hate or love this arrangement. He’s taking a risk. Gotta give him that.  Howie gives him a standing ovation. Heidi says she loves the way he stripped down the song. “You really sang with a lot of heart.” Simon thought it was a really smart idea.The first half was horrible, the second half better. “I genuinely don’t know if you made the right decision.” Heidi calls Simon “grumpy.” Howie says, “I think you made absolutely the right decision. So far the best of the evening.” Mel B calls his voice. “Soulful, rich and power.” She didn’t like the rendition. “I’m 50 50.”  My prediction? Viewers won’t like that he messed with an iconic song.

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