America's Got Talent 2018 Glee Alum NOAH GUTHRIE Audition Peforman

Glee Alum NOAH GUTHRIE Sings Love on The Brain – AGT 2018

Noah Guthrie Audition 

He talks about his success on youtube. Oh and he mentions Glee. He talks about it a lot! We even see shots from the show as he describes Roderick as the shy chubby misfit kis. Really kind of shocked AGT is being so transparent. He was the same in high school. Music brought him out his his shell. Glee was his first time on TV. It changed his life. But then when it stopped, he kind of had to start over again. He explains that AGT is a way for him to get back to music. SO TAKE THAT HATERS. No, he doesn’t say that last thing. But obviously he feels the need to explain why he’s auditioning for a singing show after achieving a measure of mainstream success.

He sings “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna accompanying himself on electric guitar. He’s a very good singer–both soulful and gritty. Howie calls him wonderful and unique. Mel B says, “You killed it brother.” Heidi calls his voice “sexy” and his manner humble. Simon calls his audition “great.” and “maybe this is your time.” Interesting how they paint an underdog narrative for Noah. Simon says, “We’re giving him another chance.” And maybe a better one. The season of Glee Noah appeared on garnered about 2 mil viewers a week. Probably about 11-12 million viewers watched his audition tonight – 4 yeses

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Noah Guthrie Love On The Brain LYRICS

Viewers reactions:

Justin Amrhein He was great (better than some golden buzzer acts), but can I have the last five minutes of my life back with that idiot and his "caterpillar" act?

Josh Blackman He was awesome on Glee, when I seen him and remembered him from glee I knew the Judges would like him

Patti Costa And on a side note… Can I just say… Tyra has stepped it up and is doing good…

Misty Burnett He should of gotten the Golden Buzzer

Kaylee Procter Well done to Noah  you were good on glee and you were good on the show

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