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Noah Guthrie  America's Got Talent 2018

Night three of Judges’ Cuts on America’s Got Talent will see the return of 24-year-old Noah Guthrie from Greer, South Carolina. Noah may be a familiar face to some because he played Roderick Meeks on the final season of FOX’s Glee.

Noah made quite an impression on the judges in his first audition when he performed Rihanna‘s “Love on the Brain.”

Noah Guthrie sings Whipping Post

Noah Guthrie Love on the Brain

Love On The Brain by Rihanna – Noah Guthrie Cover As Seen On AGT

Noah Guthrie Cover of "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" by Meghan Trainor

Noah is so dang planty, that production didn’t even try to hide his extensive experience, which includes being a regular on Glee for a season. He says things got a little weird after Glee–trying to transition. His dad was very supportive. He moved back to South Carolina.Dad shares that they went on the road together and Noah finally got his confidence back. Simon stops Noah mid song. He says, “You’ve got to stand out from the pack.” He didn’t like the song. So, he launches into his second song “Whipping Post” by Allman Brothers. The song is more identifiable, and has bigger moments. One of Simon’s big tricks is stopping an act mid act. It’s mostly theater. I mean…of course Noah will go through. The judges give him a standing ovation. Mel thought the second song was “so much more you.” Howie thinks he “has it.” Heidi loves the heartfelt tone of his voice. Martina believes his well on his way back to stardom. Simon thinks he’s only tapped his 

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Viewers reactions:

Jaime Abbas Restorff

Five years ago when my son was getting married, I was tasked with picking the mother son dance music. I knew that I wanted a grown up version of You Are My Sunshine, since we’d danced to that his whole childhood. After listening to nearly every version on you tube, I stumbled across a live version Noah did at a bus or train station. I knew I had my choice, and an amazing choice it was. As I’m listening to this song with tears of joy glistening in my eye, an announcer at the venue starts on the PA and continues thru the last half of this beautiful piece of music. 
I was crushed. 
I message this 19 year old kid to offer to pay studio time so I can get a clean version of this song, or name his price basically. 
This sweet unassuming young man tells me no problem and sends me a clean studio version of the song sans the announcer. 
There were few dry eyes as his rich “smoky graveled” voice filled the dance hall and I got to dance with my “little boy” to our song, once last time before I sent out into the world, the amazing man he had become. 
I will never be able to truly express my joy and gratitude to Noah for that, but I watch his career closely, and next to his own mom, I’m probably his biggest fan. 
Now, go show the world what I already know.

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