So You Think You Can Dance 2018 Nicole Clonch Audition

Nicole Clonch Has Some Impressive Dance Moves – SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

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Nicole Clonch Audition

Nicole Clonch dances along with a partner and wows the judges with some impressive moves.

Viewers reactions:

Ashley Murphy It was a "test screen" and the Fox News breaking news about Trump's meeting. It's not "breaking news." Literally everyone knew it was happening. No need to break into local channels. I'm glad we have the internet so we can see what we tuned in for.

Gina Razum I, too, had technical difficulties and missed the last 10 minutes, including Benji, whom I was looking forward to seeing. Thanks for posting here. Turns out, I didn't care for the dance at all.

Alie Ross Ok so I watched the show with only 2 interruptions during only 2 dances but I did record it and start it at the beginning so idk if that effects it at all but I’m sorry for those who didn’t get to watch it

Char Hahn What was up with the test pattern that ruined my opportunity to see Benji dance again! Very angry with Fox for this interruption

Karen Geary Douds Of all the times for technical difficulties! Would have liked to have seen the conversation before the dance, too.

Ashley Busch I love it! But I'm a sucker for partner dancing with tricks. And considering they're 3 time champions I think she'll do fine

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