Nicki Minaj Bed Lyrics feat. Ariana Grande ITunes Download

Nicki Minaj – Bed – feat Ariana Grande (Lyrics)

Nicki Minaj – Bed (Lyrics) feat. Ariana Grande

BED is now 1st in 24 countries including the US. Not on the RAP chart. On ALL GENRES. Thank you so much. Idk what else to say.  Queen is the 1st PRE-ORDER Album. Thank you to my sister Ari & to all of you in every single one of these countries around the world. RichSex still in the top 10. My sister Ari has 3 songs in the top 10. Blessings. NickiHndrxxWorldTour begins in September

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Yohan Melan Oh poor Ariana, you don’t know what you’ve done. You’ve made a big mistake by leaving Mac Miller. He and you were so compatible, and meant to be. You just needed a bit of fine tuning. You will realize his worth after you are done with Pete Davidson. Right now it’s the honeymoon period but only a matter of time before you’ll see Pete’s true colors. His dominating, aggressive, psychotic, lying side with full of deceit will make you regret and cry. You’ll miss Mac but he’d be gone by then.

Ronnie Davis Yes Nicki you are at the top. Don't feel sorry for anybody. Keep on pushing it. Fly high like a eagle. Don't fly low like a crow

Lyza Swift Oh I think Philippines is not included in that 24 countries because I can't find the mv when I search it the lyrics only come out how sad my queen..

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