NFL Superbowl Memes 2018

Nfl Superbowl memes:

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Thalia Freamon Pats didn't lose. they played well. The Eagles played better and won. One of the best-played superbowls I have ever seen.Michael Landry A 40 year old Brady still passed for 500 yards and 3 TDs in the super bowl so the fact that they lost barely effects the argument that he’s the goat. Best qb performance in the Super Bowl ever.

Shea Russell Castle The only thing funnier than these Tom Brady memes are the triggered Pats fans that jump into the comments to defend him.

Isaac Martinez Nick foles has more TD catches in the SUPERBOWL than any current dallas cowboy WR

Ryan Veneman Nick Foles was moving slower and was not an over the shoulder pass.. not really comparable. And I hate Tom Brady

Brenda Williams No the eagles were handed the hame touchdowns should of been overturned would of been for anyothet time got away with penalties. Refs favored the eagles pats didnt have a chance

Andrew Martin Patriots lose humbly and their fans don’t say anything but respect yet the rest of the league still talks shit. Grow up

David Whitmore To all those pats fans…

How bout them EAGLES! 

seahawks fan

Brian Kraemer The Patriots had a 33-32 lead. 

Tom Brady is 40 years old. 

33 + 32 – 40 = 25.

Falcons blew a 25 point lead. Never forget.

Edit: Comment originally from Eddie "Crying Bitch" Ortiz

Jean Smeets weak joke lol Defense didnt show up, but Brady had an amazing game. Time to relax, regroup, and get back to work next season

John Cordeiro Seriously? You said all year the Patriots were cheaters and were on the Refs team, and what happened on both TDs? Thats right, Philadelphia got the call.
Erick Chavez I'm a texans fan I'm glad the eagles won because 1. Cowboys are super pissed and 2. The pats lost my day has been made lmao 

Josh Parks Brady's last drive was piss poor he never got the ball in the area of one of his receivers to allow the refs to add some yards to the drive. I was personally betting on at least 2 blatant bad or missed calls to extend the drive. But brady just couldn't even give the refs a chance

Anchondo Semipro Same situation when NEPats were undefeated and tv rating went down, so a miracle happen to recover tv rating and Pum! NY Gaints won. Same situation happened with this SB52. NFL its a rigged league. I hope in some point NFL returning back to fundamental football and let the players play de f***ing game

Brandan Buxton Is funny to see what.. 3 TDs? That have been called incomplete all year with this "controversial" rule, ruled a TD going against every other call all year.. should have been, shouldn't have been, pats D let them down.. still want to know why Butler, a superbowl hero was benched the entire game..

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