NFL Owners Have Unanimously Passed The Simplified “Catch Rule”

They all caught it.

The controversial catch rule was unanimously changed today, when all 32 teams voting for the rule that has been put together by the competition committee with input form players, coaches and officials.

Here’s how the NFL defines a catch:

1. Control of the ball. 

2. Two feet down or another body part. 

3. A football such as: a third step, reaching/extending for the line-to-gain or the ability preform such an act. 

Under the new rule, Dez Bryant’s play against the Packers and the Jesse James play against the Patriots would’ve been ruled complete passes.

The league hopes the new rule will result in fewer controversies than the old rule.

Viewers reacted"

Adam Tucker So the steelers actually won that game, gained home field advantage & beat the patriots and moved on to the super bowl and beat the eagles.

Eagles still have no Super Bowls.

Hernani Rodrigues Who cares about a rule. New season new cowboys. The Cowboys are going to demolish every single team this year.

Gregg Czarnecki $20 says there are no problems with this rule until it favors the Patriots somehow, then it will be changed again.

Logan Miller What am I gonna do now? Screaming at the TV about the stupid catch rule is half of my Sundays during winter…

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