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Super Bowl LIII so far…

Halftime show is fucking terrible






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Grant Higbee 241 Years Before Trump: Eagles-0 Super Bowl Wins

1 Year With Trump: Eagles-1 Super Bowl Win

That's it. I can't deny it anymore. He is truly the worst President of All Time.

Josh Lanier Congratulations to Nick Foles on winning more playoff games in one month than the Cowboys have in 20 years. ESPN Ranks Peyton Manning 3rd, Tom Brady 20th On List Of Most Dominant Athletes Of Last 20 Years make me laugh

Jeffrey Farooq When Brady wins, it’s because of his kickers, his coaches, his defense, or luck.
When Brady loses, it’s because he’s a garbage QB and not the GOAT. 
That’s what all the haters will always say. 

Tom Brady played a heck of a game, shredding this beastly Eagles defense tonight. You don’t have to like him, but acknowledge his greatness.

And let’s be completely honest right now, the refs won that game for the Eagles. Dirty win for a dirty team and dirty fans.

Robert Lino Where’s everyone who said refs helped the pats. Refs clearly helped the eagles on this one. One foot out on that touch down and an interference to Gilmore before the ball was thrown to Foles.

Orlando Saldana Congratulations to the eagles from a cowboys fan. I mean who the hell loses their quarterback and still wins the super bowl. Good team effort from coaches and especially nick foles.

Edit: okay who the fuck loses the mvp leading candidate and still wins lol.

Tug Baker Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Tom Brady has more Super Bowl losses than Peyton Manning, the real G.O.A.T. of quarterbacks.

Frank Duffy Honestly from a Pats fan, congrats Philly. I never had any bad blood. Wentz will probably win it again next year.

But seriously guys, don’t burn your city down. I know it feels like the right thing to do right now, but don’t do it. Just go to bed.

Noah Michael Bucher This game is proof that the Saints should have been in this Super Bowl, not the Rams

Michael J Learned Wow this makes me laugh my ass off to all the Patriots haters. The man has 5 Superbowl wins. Some records that will never be beaten. We didn't lose this game to the eagles … Our defense played like shit!!! If Brady could play on both sides of the ball we would've won. Don't worry we'll be back again next year once again! Go Pats

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