New Baby Giraffe Calf! at Perth Zoo Update

 New Baby Giraffe Calf! at Perth Zoo

Meet the newest member of the Perth Zoo family! Last night, we were delighted to welcome into the world a female giraffe calf born to first-time mother, Kitoto, and father, Armani.  

Our female giraffe calf finally has a name, and we think it suits her perfectly! Thank you to everyone that entered our…

Người đăng: Perth Zoo vào 7 Tháng 4 2018

Check out our giraffe calf testing out her wobbly legs. Our giraffe keepers captured some of her first moments!

Another milestone for our giraffe calf, she can already touch her tongue to her nose! She will be behind the scenes this weekend as she continues to familiarise herself with her surroundings. We can’t wait for her to be out & about so you can come and see her for yourself.

Perth Zoo new baby giraffe calf! Perth Zoo new baby giraffe calf

Supporters reacted to  New Baby Giraffe Calf! at Perth Zoo Christopher Preedy Just another magical historical episode in the wonders of our Perth Zoo, congratulations to all concerned, what a liddle ripper she is Tess Stuart Congratulations Perth Zoo. And welcome litte Coco or Chanel or Elle. Will theirbe a competition to name her or will Perth Zoo name her. With dad Armani there had to be a designer fragrance link/ idea..she looks a sweetie.. Jackie Batley Big congratulations to our wonderful Perth Zoo… You all do an amazing job with all the animals… A zoo we are very proud of  Jessica Morrison Hurray!!! Congratulations Kitoto and well done to the Perth Zoo team for the amazing care and support she has recieved!! Can't wait to see her  Elise Simone Pedley After the loss of one of your giraffes last year, this is very heartening news. Congratulations to all at Perth Zoo and especially the new parents. She is absolutely perfect. Suggested moniker: Kimani (combination of both Mum and Dad's names Meredith Meyntz Just beautiful.. My daughter has eagerly been awaiting the news and when I showed her the photos in the link, she thought you had named it Gallery  I had to explain to her it was a photo gallery and name was still to come!! You may like:  

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