Ndlovu Youth Choir​ America's Got Talent 2019 Performances

Ndlovu Youth Choir Performs STUNNING Rendition Of “Beautiful Day” by U2 – America’s Got Talent 2019

Ndlovu Youth Choir America's Got Talent

The Ndlovu Youth Choir believes that if you can dream it, you can do it. The choir puts Limpopo on the map with this amazing performance of "Africa" by Toto.

The group is from South Africa and have overcome poverty and difficulties on their way to the AGT stage. The sing U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day.” I’ll say it again. I usually don’t care for the choirs. But this group is so talented, so well rehearsed, so uplifting they are impossible to resist. I hope they make it to the final. Ha. Simon is covered in streamers. “You set the stage on fire,” says Gabrielle. Simon loves their enthusiasm, great song choice. “Everything just clicked.” Julianne says, “You guys come on this show to self-express and show us who we are.” Howie says “You are our winder to the world, you are our sunshine. You inspire, you entertain.”

The group is made up of disadvantaged youth from South Africa. They love their leader, who has made them believe in themselves. They love America a lot! They love hot dogs! The leader, who is white, notes they would have been arrested in apartheid South Africa. This is one of the best choirs to ever appear on AGT. They singing and choreography is superior. And their energy is so infectious. Julianne is impressed by their unity and collective-ness. Brad calls it beautiful and effortless. Gabrielle loves everything they represent. “Pure magic,” she says. If Simon could bottle them, he’d drink it every day. “I don’t think you could have done any more.” 

The group formed in 2009 from the rural village of Moutse, Limpopo

The group formed in 2009 from the rural village of Moutse, Limpopo South Africa. The kids in the group grew up in poverty. It’s challenging. Many of the kids parents have passed away. One of the members shares how his parent passed and he had to take care of his siblings. Another says the choir helped her “find her voice.” They perform a song titled “Our African Dream.” The group is pretty talented and well put together. Simon looks in love! Gabrielle says, “This whole place was rooting for you, and you did not disappoint.” Julianne felt their authenticity and joy, “You transported us,” she says. Howie says, “I love the color and I love the sound.” Simon says he’s always been waiting for a choir like them, “This was a great audition.” – 4 yeses. 

Circle of Life By Ndlovu Youth Choir

Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran by Ndlovu Youth Choir and GRAMMY-winning flutist Wouter Kellerman

The Ndlovu Youth Choir perform their rendition of the national anthem

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