NBC Panicked Over Humiliating Olympics Ratings

When football became political, ratings slid downward — hard. So it’s no surprise that when many of America’s top Olympic athletes — like Lindsey Vonn — decided to get political and even attack President Trump, America responded by not tuning in to watch them do their rich kid “sports” on television.

Perhaps the networks, team owners and coaches will soon learn that they need to get their arrogant, high-horse players under control and do what we pay them to do and leave politics out of it.

That is, if they want us to watch…

Breitbart reports:

NBC’s viewership for the Winter Olympics is still falling with ratings for Wednesday, February 14, hitting a new low.

Despite the gold medal win by U.S. skier Mikaela Shiffrin, Wednesday’s broadcast only earned a 13.1/22 in metered market results, according to Deadline.

While that rating brought 19.2 million viewers to the games that night, it was still down eight percent from a comparable night during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. The night’s numbers also formed part of a 17 percent decline in ratings for NBC for this year’s games over those in Sochi.

On top of the loss over the Sochi games, this year’s numbers fell an even greater 32 percent over the coverage of the 2010 winter games in Vancouver, Canada, The Smoker Room reported.

Finally, Wednesday’s broadcast was also down compared to the night before. NBC realized a 19.6/31 in metered market results for its February 13 programing.

Thursday’s broadcast earned the worst ratings of the games to date.open your mouth one more time…" more; Tom Brady or his son?

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