Myracle Holloway Sings on The Voice Top 11 Tonight

Myracle Holloway Sings on The Voice Top 11 Tonight

The Voice season 17 goes live finals begin tonight! The Top 11 will perform for coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Gwen Stefani, and your votes

Myracle Holloway sings for her The Voice Top 11 performance tonight on NBC

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Excuse me but what does Kelly Clarkson have on? It looks like The Flying Nun crashed into her. Oh Kelly that is one of the ugliest dresses I have ever seen. You are a beautiful woman with a great personality and a terrific voice. Whoever talked you into that dress, don’t listen to them again.

You can tell she’s been singing this song since she was a little girl! Great job! Great performance and she looked amazing!

Myracle Holloway performs Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight” during The Voice Live Top 13 Performances 2019.

Viewer reaction:

Goria Goodman D Kat Hammond sang horribly. Missed the notes, was flat and dissonant, to say the least, yet Blake Shelton and Gwen said she was great. Did they hear something different?

Daniel Mitchell I got through the first 45 seconds and had to mute it. She was so flat. I know that singing a Whitney song isn’t easy, but come on, this was horrible. I don’t know what the judges heard that made them say it was so great

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