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I mean, they are usually great at sharing but I guess when it comes to new Popsicle Fruit Pops those admirable habits die hard. Even I’m a little jealous — love that these treats are made with REAL fruit and just 5 simple ingredients.

Morning thoughts with Mila


Morning thoughts with Mila 💭 video by Kaitlin

Người đăng: Kcstauffer vào Thứ sáu, 22 Tháng 6, 2018

Learn how to belax the Mila way!

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Toddler vs great grandfather

Mila knows a “one-upper”, do you?

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Javeria Moazzam I am here to observe those wimps who would criticize a 3 year old with comments like:
“It’s scripted.. She’s spoiled.. her mom should stop”
Shut up you all..
“All actors have scripted roles… she’s a talented actor.. ask Hollywood to stop then ” idiots..

Vrinda Kanvinde “sometimes my mum thinks she’s had too much coffee and sometimes my mum thinks she’s had too much kids”

Also, also, “you gotta ask yourself, am i dating a boy or an onion?”

Chell Bara Love Mila she is just a doll makes me laugh all the time… p.s coffee stunts your growth…. that’s why I never drink the stuff… lol

Theresa Gammons The lil girlis the cutest but all theterrible editing makes me sick…. Leave that lil girl alone n let her b a kid lady. Its obvious this is all for you….. Its ridiculous

Julie Aguon It’s all stage. They tell her what to say. To me, that’s sad. Taking advantage of their girl to get the attention.

Lauren Horner I want to be a mermaid too!!! And my life’s a mess lol your so adorable and you always make me smile, thank you!!

Edith Huarita Alex There is a line where she says, “Am I dating a boy, or an onion?” Made me laugh. And for some reason made me think of you. lol

Gina Carter-Sikes I am with you, Mila, I wanna be a mermaid too! You are the cutest, funniest girl ever. Keep up the good work.

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