Morning Livecam Kellan and Autum the Giraffea at Greenville Zoo

Livecam: Kellan and Autum the Giraffea at Greenville Zoo

Livecam Kellan and Autum the giraffe today



One of the most exciting things at your zoo right now is of course our new baby giraffe, Kellan! Did you know that you can adopt Kellan through the Adopt-an-Animal program? This is just another way to support your Greenville Zoo

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The Greenville Zoo has been your zoo since 1960! We are proud to be an AZA (Association of Zoos & Aquariums) accredited zoo because only 10% of zoos in the United States meet AZA standards. In 2015 we were recognized for 25 continuous years for accreditation. With your support we plan to be accredited for many years to come

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