Mila`s New Patient Grannie Ross Smith FUNNY VIDEO

Mila`s New Patient Grannie Ross Smith

Milas new patient…grannie!!Ross Smith

Learn how to belax the Mila way

Mila and Emma sip and discuss life

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Kelli Cumbie OMG! Is Granny married to Gramps from the bedtime story video? If not, I ship them. If so, they are the coolest great grandparents ever! Chloe Iris Kennedy she called her grandkids "Scrubs". I can't deal.

Staci Ann Stabile This was funny granny: I have a date with the rock he makes my heart throb Mila: at least your heart is throbbing lol

Jil Falkenstein I just came back from the Cayman Islands. Was there from 6/9-6/16 Morgan’s was awesome. They cooked the fish we caught. We did sting ray city, the banana boat, checked out starfish point, rum point. Very humid Everyone was super friendly. One thing I wish I knew about was the ability to adopt a dog for a day out of the shelter. The beaches are all public and allow dogs. Everyone I saw cleaned up after them. It’s a nice thing to do if you miss your own pups like I did and also give the dogs a break from shelter life for the day! Next time!

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