Mila Stauffer Videos 2018: Learn How to Belax the Mila Way Funny Advice

Mila Stauffer: Learn How to Belax the Mila Way – Funny Advices

Mila Stauffer Videos 

Mila and Emma are doing the Hot vs Cold Challenge! Do you think they will like hot or cold cheesecake better? Watch and find out which food they think is yummy and which they think is yucky!

Mila and Emma have to go to the doctor?! Want to find out why?

About two seconds after this photo mila opened the flood gates. I honestly thought we were leaving with only one ear pierced, but Mila was determined not too! And with a lot of encouragement…she did it

Mila knows a “one-upper”, do you?

Girl Talk with Mila and Emma

Milas Makeup Tutorial

Mila & Emma do the real vs. squishy food challenge! Each round, the Stauffer twins get a surprise food, but only one is real; the other is a squishy! Which one do you think is better

Mila and Emma put their taste buds to the test during the Ice Cream Challenge! Get to know the twins' favorite (and least favorite) flavors, while they enjoy a sugar-filled competition.

Stauffer family Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2018


Fans reacted to  Mila Stauffer Videos 

Pamela Gaylord They'll thank you in their 50's for all of the sun they were exposed to. Sorry to be a Debby downer but I regret all of it I absorbed as a little kid running up and down the sandy river bank every summer, sunup to sundown in just a swimsuit, oh and we always had a life vest on, Mom couldn't swim.

Simran Gond Super cute and very clever Mila.. Your videos are awesome it males my day.

Melanie Marrandino Roach Thank you for taking her to a piercing professional instead of a high school drop out at Clairs with a plastic gun!

Jerry Rojas Now we know Mila's next video is going to be about! Like I went to get my ear pierced and this guy like put this needle in and I was like, What are you doing dude. hahahahaha love Mila Stauffer Videos 

Linny Shipman I worked at Claire's. So glad you didn't take them there. We watched a 15 min video and that's it. Guns rip through the ear. Needles scoop out the skin. Less infection and it's just all around better

LisaLee Irwin Mila  I'm 57 back in my day when I had mine done I was a teenager and I did them myself with ice cubes and a sewing needle and I sterilized it froze my earlobes and stuck the needle in there and I did double piercings on each side. Amazingly they came out even and I still have them. You were a big Trooper to get that done.

Lori Martin Medicinebird I remember taking my 16 yr to get her belly button pierced. We went to a tattoo shop. Their standards are actually quite high for sterility . I asked to see all their books and she showed me without hesitation . It was a positive experience . Congrats on getting your ears pierced Mila. Sister is so cute giving moral support

Kiley James Champagne A Mom who knows her stuff. Always go to a professional piercer at a tattoo shop and not your local Walmart or Claire's! Using a piercing gun forces the earring through by pushing away the skin causing excessive pain and a longer healing time. Going to a professional piercer at a tattoo shop is better. This is the reason. He will use a hollowed-out sharp needle that will take out the piece of skin where the earring will go. This will cause faster healing and less pain. Do your research.

Chris Mackay I read an article that explained tattoo parlors where piercing was offered was far superior to the old "store in the mall" type of place. The parlors are regulated and inspected, the equipment is sterilized and the person doing the piercing is typically a piercer first, not a store clerk

Renée Vogler I took my daughter to Claire’s and both times her ears got infected. To make matters worse, the second time the earring bent when they were using the gun to shoot it in her ear and they had to pull it out. Several years later we went to a tattoo place and got them done. She has had zero issues. The tattoo shop was so clean and they used gloves and had the same big pads they use in the hospital to lay their tools on. They also sanitized the heck out of everything. She did say it hurt like hell but there was no blood at all and we have never had an issue! love her T- shirts

Ann Schindler Had my ears pierced first weekend in may 2018 at claires in woodbury mn and they did a great job…. following instructions to put on the sanitizer they gave me 3 times a day and turning them. absolutely no issues at all

Rita Payne Howard I love her look at the guy piercing her ear…and sister love she's getting. And that you took her to where you felt was right. Didn't matter if it was Claries, tattoo artist/pericer or did it yourself at home. You're their mom. Super cute! really love Mila Stauffer Videos 

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