Mila Kcstauffer: 91 Year Old Grandma Visits a 3 year old psychiatrist

The day mila walked up to 50 Cent and asked him to watch her swim without floaties and he did. He was soo sweet

Today Mila`s grandma visits her

Morning Thoughts with Mila

Girl Talk with Mila and Emma

Mila imitating her mother and her coffee addiction

Mila Experiences the Gym

Some helpful makeup advise from 3 year old Mila and her twin sister Emma. Directed and Edited by their big sister KK.

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Viewers reactions:

Shelly Jones Mila! I need an autographed photo of you & Emma! You are too extra! 

Mary Remillard Grandma just has to tone it down. Not try so hard because Mila is a natural.

Tracey Stent How can you not love her and her big sis ??? FANTASTIC girls.. keep it up

Yasuhiko Sato She is so adorable, her parents are lucky to have such enternainer at home.

Lisa Warren These videos are many nasty comments at least its not vulgar or racist or violent..

Twania Bordelon Not good with grandma. Continue with just Mila or with your other kids.

Kathy Gibbs Carlson I usually really like these. But, I don't like this one. Granny isn't funny!

Dallas Federico Mila is such a little sweetheart ! Love all of her videos. Fav though is the makeup with Emma

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