Mila and Emma Kcstauffer Taste Buddies

Taste buddies, Mila and Emma, do the Guess What I'm Eating Challenge! The Stauffer twins blind taste different pantry items, even the gross ones, and try to guess what they are!

Mila & Emma do the Thanksgiving Pie Challenge! The Stauffer twins blind taste ten pies and guess the flavors in this fun holiday game that ends with a pie in the face!

Mila & Emma do the real vs. squishy food challenge! Each round, the Stauffer twins get a surprise food, but only one is real; the other is a squishy! Which one do you think is better?

Mila and Emma put their taste buds to the test during the Ice Cream Challenge! Get to know the twins' favorite (and least favorite) flavors, while they enjoy a sugar-filled competition.

Charles Dit It:


Viewer reactions:

Claire Maynard By far one of my favorite videos of Mila. Her interaction with grandpa and that mischievous face in the end… Omg, I love this little girl!

Jerri Marsh Blust She is adorable but I loved the goodnight stories and would never turn that time over to a machine. Those days don’t last long enough.

Mary West Mila is always up to something new well mila I dont understand very much the new technology but I'm learning barely managing Facebook but what can u expect of 54 year old me so I guess u know more than me like your stories your fan Mary from south texas

Francesca Myers Not sure how I feel about scripting a child to diss their grandpa and joke about his death… I would love to see a video where Mila used her talent and humor to promote a positive message (like supporting the target of a bully or a worn out parent) rather than to make fun of or complain about things. I know it can be done…

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