Mike McCarthy Taking Next Season Off After Not Being Able To Get Coaching Job

With former Packers coach Mike McCarthy going all in for the Jets job and with the Jets going all in for Adam Gase, McCarthy is officially SOL for 2019.

The good news is that the Packers will pay him to not work, until his contract expires. It’s expected that he’ll land a gig in broadcasting, taking his Pittsburgh dialect most likely to Bristol, joining an ever-growing army of on-air analysts.

So what happens next for McCarthy the football coach? He could end up being in play in 2020, or maybe not. The fact that there was no land rush for his services in the current hiring cycle underscores the widespread concerns regarding perceived (or actual) inflexibility and simplicity of his approach to offense. It’s widely regarded as an all-too-easily defended attack, lacking in creativity and innovation.

Apparently, the various teams currently looking for head coaches agreed.


The one place he could end up eventually being in play is Seattle. McCarthy and G.M. John Schneider are believed to be close friends, and Pete Carroll is likely moving toward the end of his run with the Seahawks. If Schneider stays post-Pete, McCarthy could be the successor to Carroll.

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