Mike Jerel Sings James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2020

Doesn’t matter who he initially picks, since he’s likely to get stolen by another coach. He could go with anyone, really (start w/ John?)….I don’t think it would matter, since he’s probably good at song choice (which is key to staying in the competition) and already polished as an artist and performer.

Ohhhhh that tone!!!!!but never have I ever heard or seen the voices great Talents making it big.. most of them just comes and goes… Sad part is… The management might not have been doing everything to push through


While I was home, I stopped by to see my hero. He’s been one of the BIGGEST influences in my life. I game him his shirt and CD, and he wanted to put he shirt on immediately. Like he always says, “keep God first, and never give up….” I LOVE THIS GUY WITH ALL OF MY HEART. Love you, pops

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Viewer react to Mike Jerel The Voice Blind Auditions

Olabimpe Oyediran Adeyemi Wow! Beautiful rendition! See runs? Feel like we have a winner already! Please who did he pick?

Lloyd Peter Estomata Wow! Those runs were smooth and beautiful.. He’s a real contender. Pairing him with Thunderstorm Artis would be an epic battle if it happens.

Katie Smith What is his name? I’m hearing Mike Jerrell or Terrell? But I cant find him on social media! But he lives like 30 minutes from me!

Pam Kelly Oh stink……we have to wait until Monday to see who he picks!! I am sure that it will be John, but I would love to see him go with Kelly.

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