Michael Woodard Believe In Yourself Advances to Top 10 American Idol

Michael J. Woodard Sings “Believe In Yourself” From “The Wiz” – Top 10

Michael Woodard Believe In Yourself 

We believe in you Michael Woodard – and so does America!


Michael J. Woodard sings "Believe In Yourself" from "The Wiz" for his Top 10 performance in front of a live audience and Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.

Viewers reacted to Michael Woodard Believe In Yourself 

Willa Anne Michael has magic. Catie is amazing. A few others are awesome, but Ada should have gone home instead of the 5 that left.

Ella Harris He's a great singer,plus he doesn't have to scream like some of the singers on the show. His singing is pure

Michele Murray I absolutely adore this kid – what an amazing, sweet, talented human being. I feel like Michael is on Idol for a reason – he sure is special, full of joy and inspirational.

Hal Yoder Michael has been high on my radar for the last several weeks. An extremely likeable individual with a good voice and excellent at choosing the right song for the right time. I put him top three with Maddie and Gabby!

Brenda Tuma Brice I sat here and cried Im so happy for him why do they torture him to the end every time? TEAM MICHAEL to the finals Love this guy, although thank goodness this performance was not as good as any of the others, hope he finds the perfect material and show them all how it done. Cause he has won me over , love Michael Woodard Believe In Yourself 

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