Michael J. Woodard SINGS "Still I Rise" Top 5 American Idol Performance Michael J. Woodard Still I Rise

Michael J. Woodard Sings “Still I Rise” American Idol Top 5

Michael J. Woodard Still I Rise

American idol 2018 tonight, the Top 5 singers  will be celebrating Mother’s Day with two songs, one in honor of the holiday and the other from American Idol winner Carrie Underwood’s songbook.

The American Idol Top 5 will be singing for YOUR real time votes on Sunday (May 13). 

We changed from being a fan of Gabby TO a big fan of Michael J. Woodard. There’s just something in him that makes us want to hear more of his song giving us chills. He is very versatile and humble and for those who don’t understand the art of music, they’re totally missing out
We are rooting for you Michael. Very talented and yet humble

How to vote for Michael J. Woodard to Top 3, here`s is your answer

Michael J. Woodard

Michael J. Woodard Still I Rise

Michael J. Woodard sings “Still I Rise” by Yolanda Adams​ for his American Idol Season 14 Top 5 performance 

Michael J. Woodard sings “Flat on the Floor” by Carrie Underwood for his American Idol Season 14 Top 5 performance 

Michael J. Woodard sings Titanium by Sia  for his American Idol Top 14  performance

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Viewers reacted to Michael J. Woodard Still I Rise

AJ Lovdal I LOVE HIM. I have literally been getting my Michael fix on YouTube daily. What SOME people are not getting is he is already an ARTIST. If you watch all of his performances, he is able to enunciate, he sings on key, and delivers. There have been a few of his songs where his emotions and even nerves have has a small impact, but even then his performance comes across beautiful and genuine. He is versatile. Music moves through him and he allows those emotions to be visible and raw. He is amazing and better than "Idol". You are looking at someone who will be a star if he chooses that destiny after the show. LOVE HIM.

Chrystal Lynn Perry You are crazy! I tell you why I voted for Michael, He has a beautiful voice, I can understand him, he has personality, he makes me feel the song! Stop criticizing ! If you dont like him thats fine but plenty of us do and he deserves every bit of the top 3

Diane Devine Michael J. has his own style, and sound that is unique so when you hear his song, on the radio you will know it's him. Michael J Woodard has the whole package and that's what is important. You guys haven't see nothing yet! There's a Start just waiting to come out. Isn't that's how a star is born, and there light just start beaming through. That is Micheal there's a Star inside of that nervous, happy little go lucky kid. He his right were he is supposed to be. Alot of people have a gift to sing, but do they also have a gift to touch your heart and soul like Michael J. He will be the gift to reach the young people through song, image, style, peace, and love. His name is Michael he will make his mark in this world, like a diamond in the sky. love Michael J. Woodard Still I Rise

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