Mercy the Pug Queen Dog Update: She made it through the night

Update: Mercy the Pug Dog

She made it through the night ok, and was removed from the oxygen chamber this morning as she’s now breathing the same way whether she’s in it or not. X-rays show a clear chest, no suspected pneumonia, no lung or obvious heart issues. X-rays did show a very narrow trachea but not collapse.

So the doctors are saying it could be a neurological issue – brain communication with body which controls breathing or swelling can be affected. This is what Chance had, this is why we had to surgery or doctors said he could die at any moment with the wrong move of his neck. With Mercy we don’t know because we don’t know if any injuries nor can we do an MRI – she’s too frail to undergo that kind of sedation. Even a neurological exam is hard because we don’t know if her responses are from being so weak & starved, or from neuro issues.

The other thing it could be is elongated soft palate or voicebox issues. To find out she would have to be examined under sedation. Sedation is risky for a pug in her poor condition. And no matter what we discover, we cannot fix anyway as she’s not a candidate for surgery. So why risk it?

Mercy the Pug Queen Dog Update


Does anyone have any other ideas? Similar experiences?

She was doing great at home for the 5 hours .. eating, barking at me, would not take her eyes off me and I off her. Just as I was finally confident I can bathe her safely and was preparing towels she made a strange noise and the pugs barked. I picked her up and her mouth was wide open and tongue blue. She also released her urine on me involuntarily. And I rushed her to the ER.

At this point she will be monitored for the rest of the day and if no incident occurs she will be released.

I’m scared. I don’t want another dog to die in my arms.

I’m home alone as Bart has been gone for days for work and stress of what could happen with her is heavy. But all I can do is do all I can. I have. I will. I won’t stop trying but I know it’s not in my hands. After Chance died someone sent me a quote that still resonates … “You are Good, but you are not God.”

I welcome your opinions and advice.

Thank you again for your auppprt, prayers, and donations to this little angel … so deserving of a chance.

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