Latest Mercy The Pug Queen Dog Backs at the Hospital Today Video


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Mercy The Pug Queen Dog Backs at the Hospital

I will post a video when I get to see her later today, but I just wanted to let you know she is STABLE!

She received IV fluids all night for dehydration, she has been eating well, her bloodwork cake back fine! Xrays show she has severely luxated patellas (knee cap is on the side not front of the knee) like Llyana and Jaime and Shortie, but they are not the cause of her condition. Surgery is out of the question for now because she is too weak, it’s the least of our concerns.


That’s what it comes down to.

She is a badly neglected pug who is too weak to get up and hold herself up because she has been starved and uncared for. She has been lying in her own urine for who knows how long. So we don’t know if she had any neurological issues that are also contributing … but we know her bones aren’t broken. Her knees are not responsible for her condition. She wasn’t hit by a car. She is just weak, depleted, malnourished.

I think someone who no longer could care for her left her to be found.

To everyone who thinks this may be their lost pug – if you lost your 16lb pug last week this isn’t her. SHE IS FIVE POUNDS. She didn’t get this way in a week. This is weeks or months of starvation and neglect. Animal Control will be contacted to resolve potential ownership issues. I’m just here to save her life.

I will see her later this afternoon when the doctors tell me to come and will take a video for all of you.

I thought I would share this video with you .. little more intimate than a still photo.

She has been eating and drinking on her own at the hospital so there is no need for her to be on IV fluids at the moment. I was concerned about her mouth breathing but we checked her chest X-rays and all looks clear.

Yes she needs knee surgery, yes she needs a consult with a neurologist, yes she will need physical therapy but that all has to wait because she is too weak to even hold herself up. She’s emaciated. Right now what she needs is to eat. Little by little, yo gain weight and strength, only then we will truly know whether she has neurological issues or whether she is just a STARVED dog.

So while I’m nervous, I’m also excited to take her home. To gently wash her urine stained body, to feed her, and provide her every comfort. I’m going to keep her in Chancey’s little stroller so she can see me and be a part of the family but where she is kept safe. I might need to add a bigger stroller to our wishlist because this one is tiny – if you have any recommendations? We’ll also need some Nutrical, the A/D food thst Chance was on, and let me know if you guys know anything else that can gently fatten her up?


And thank you to ALL OF YOU for the donations towards her continued care, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you Dr. Spurlock, Dr. Balfour, and the wonderful staff at ASEC who took such great care of Mercy.

I love this little angel so much already. I know you do too.

She had a really labored breathing episode suddenly and her tongue turned blue. I quickly cleared her airways, I grabbed my keys and drove like a maniac to the emergency hospital in my pajamas. I drove so fast holding her next to my heart, my hand around her chest so I can feel her heartbeat while checking her breathing … my hands are shaking.

She was doing so great at home for those few hours, she ate twice, drank a little, she even barked at me and I thought I was going to die because it is the cutest sound I have ever heard.

Mercy The Pug Dog Backs at the Hospital

Mercy The Pug Dog Backs at the Hospital

I don’t know what’s going on with this little angel but I didn’t like the mouth breathing to begin with – as you saw and heard in my video. I should have trusted my gut … but she got discharged because her lungs sounded good and X-rays were fine. However clearly there is something going on … there is so much we don’t know about Mercy .. what has happened to her, where she’s been. Nothing is obvious except for the severe neglect. I wonder if this could be the beginning of aspiration pneumonia? Could she be regurgitating? If she has neurological deficits there could be issues with breathing and swallowing … Chance had those issues.

I don’t know … but I do know she is staying in the oxygen chamber overnight and once she is stable they will take more chest x-rays.

Honestly you guys I’m sick to my stomach. Quite literally. My hands are still shaking.

I am so in love with this tiny girl … I want to show her a life of care and love so badly.

Please keep praying for her.

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