First Lady Melania Trump Visits a Kenyan Elephant Orphanage

Melania Trump visits Kenyan national park, plans safari

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 Melania Trump is visiting a national park in Kenya to highlight animal conservation efforts.

The U.S. first lady arrived at Nairobi National Park on Friday to learn about steps the east African nation is taking to conserve elephants and rhinos. She’ll also go on a quick safari.

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Mrs. Trump plans to visit with children at an orphanage and take in a children’s performance later Friday at Nairobi National Theater.

She is on her first-ever visit to Africa and her first extended solo international trip as first lady. Mrs. Trump opened the trip Tuesday in Ghana and visited Malawi on Thursday.

Egypt is the final stop on a four-nation tour of the continent to highlight child welfare, education and tourism and conservation.

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Viewer reactions:

Viewer reactions:

Carlotta Smitko ·  How many times will she ever have a chance to feed a baby from a giant baby bottle!!!! She is having a grand time. God bless her, we are so lucky to have her. I wonder what her guards are thinking! Lol

Gus Montalvo  Hey…what is Michael Obama doing there in the green suit. Oops sorry….it looked like Barack’s husband.  If some don't like her. Then don't watch her. Go watch someone that really gives a care about your ignorance.

She the frst frst lady to be able to communicate knowing about 5 languages. Yes. We finally don't look like English main language here.

 She is totally enjoying this and it is her complete expression of love wherever she goes that amazes me

Cheryl Kirschner Campbell ·Eliese I would make sure I know what I’m talking about before I post something so idiotic. She has been doing nothing but visiting human orphanages, schools, etc. Watch the news

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