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McKenna Breinholt American Idol Performances 2024



She’s dedicating the song to her adoptive mom, who will be in the audience. Tori stresses that she channel her emotions on American Idol tonight.

McKenna starts off intimately with a solo acoustic guitar. It’s the best part of the song as the band overpowers her raspy, yet vulnerable voice. I’m used to very emotional, torchy versions of this song. But McKenna’s raspy tone is appealing.


“You have that star voice,” says Katy. “You have something incredible. Luke says, “You’ve got so many big time singer-songwriter traits. You are a serous contender.” Tori can hear her warm, pure tone on a record. Lionel compares her to Joni Mitchell. McKenna is good, but that’s going too far.

Viewer react to McKenna Breinholt American Idol performance.

Vanessa Sander Gustafson
This was a beautiful performance. I love this song! However, when I went back and listened to Brandi Carlisle sing it, I heard such a huge difference. Brandi’s singing this just blew my mind. Lovely song for sure. Ugh that was chills McKenna. That was magic. I love that song and I just wanna keep replaying your version. Just stunning! What a gift you have!

McKenna If I could vote for you, I would for sure. Sadly I can’t vote from England. I love your story, your parents support and unconditional love for you and you for them; your birth family and the love you share and of course your absolute gift of singing. In my opinion, the best.
Whether or not you continue the Idols journey, you are already a winner; a star and will go far in the industry.

My first glimpse beautiful sheryl crow she was my crush 4 ever she sounds a bit like her…i reember when i saw her at orlando pleasure island when she sang there when it was opened this girl can be
Top 5
Mckenna has a big beautiful soul and her story is amazing.  When McKenna Faith Breinholt sing ”Story” By Brandi Carlie During Her performance of The Top 24 of Disney’s Hawii of American Idol Tonight Wow I thought She did such A great & Amazing Job, She was rocking The stage, This was much better Last week performance, She definitely got My vote for sure. So, Good luck and lvoe to watch McKenna Breinholt American Idol performances.
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