Update on Mburo the Giraffe at Chester Zoo

Mburo the Giraffe at Chester Zoo

Mburo has been named after the area that was the first place the zoo’s field conservation partners, The Giraffe Conservation Foundation, translocated Rothschild’s giraffe to in Uganda – a vital conservation move to boost then dwindling giraffe numbers.

This adorable little guy has a name…Meet one-week-old giraffe calf, Mburo the Giraffe 

Mburo the Giraffe at Chester Zoo

Viewer react to Mburo the Giraffe at Chester Zoo

Angela Morrison Went today but sadly the que for the giraffes was huge as they were all inside ,just to cold and windy to stand around always next time

Christy Bailey Congratulations CZ on yet another wonderful birth. Having withdrawals from the zoo so will be planning a trip soon! Cannot wait to see Mburo!

Mandy Jackson Welcome to the world Mburo, can't wait to meet you when I have my Giraffe Encounter for my Birthday in June

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