Max Boyle The Voice 17 Blind Auditions | Max SINGS "Wayfaring Stranger"

Max Boyle Sings Unaware by Allen Stone- Live Finals Top 13

The Voice season 17 goes LIVE FINALS begin tonight! The Top 13 will perform for coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Gwen Stefani, and YOUR VOTES.


Max Boyle – Team Kelly Clarkson – Unaware by Allen Stone – Kelly is SO thrilled that she stole Max from John. Max’s family loves the song, so he’s singing it with a special dedication to his niece and nephew. He’s the youngest in his family–they are like his little brother and sister. Kelly calls Max the dark horse of the competition. “Could he be any more adorable? Just put ice cream in his hand, your mother will love him,” says Kelly. Hm. He might be trying to do too much with the melody here. Keep it simple–especially when singing live! But overall, his phrasing is so original! And he has a lovely falsetto. He reminds me a little bit of Robin Thicke. BUT NOT CREEPY. Awe, the kids are in the audience. John notes the challenge, “You nailed those notes…you’re so good at this.” Kelly loves his voice, and notes his intimate style —> Itunes Stream

Katie Kadan vs Max Boyle – Team Legend

Katie Kadan – Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin – Katie spent years struggling with self-acceptance. In her 30s, she learned to love herself. She’s been earning a living as a musician in Chicago. Taylor calls it quirky and ballsy. She really didn’t have notes for her. Katie is a powerful singer, but for me, she pushes too hard. I find her style overbearing. That’s probably just me though. I wasn’t a huge fan of Janis whiskey and cigarette ruined voice either though. Sorry.

Max Boyle – When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish – He studied psychology in college, but is currently pursuing a music career. He just experienced a painful breakup. Taylor compliments Max’s intuition. John admits that Max is the underdog, but he’s putting up a fight. Max is more my style. His style is so delicate, yet full of power and emotion. This is beautiful. That falsetto! Exquisite. Somebody better get stolen.

Gwen notes Katie’s star quality, but is impressed by Max. Kelly calls Katie “magical.” She also loved Max. She gives him the win. Blake thinks Max had a moment, but he is impressed with Katie’s power. He’d pick her. John Picks Katie. Gwen and Kelly Steal Max. Kelly thought Max actually “blew away” Katie. Max is the kind of artist Gwen would listen to. Max Chooses Kelly. John blocked Kelly. Now she has him. John believes he can win the show with Katie.

Max Boyle  sings  “Wayfaring Stranger” for  his The Voice Season 17 Blind Auditions performance tonight . 

He’s the youngest of six kids and is a “little spoiled.” His family loved to watch him performed. But he became more self-confidence as he grew older, until he joined a gospel choir. He just quit college and isn’t sure where his life is going. He starts the performance a capella, which is always a risk. But his intonation is really good (much better than Shane before him, to be honest). He sings the entire first verse without instruments, before a soulful band kicks in. He has a nice falsetto!  

Max Boyle, a singer-songwriter from Ohio who is the youngest of six kids. He kept his singing to himself through most of his childhood until joining a gospel choir in high school. Max is singing “Wayfaring Stranger” by Johnny Cash and as he belts it out A Capella, John and Kelly spin their chair. As the music kicks in Max begins to work the stage and show off his falsetto. It’s not until halfway through the performance that Kelly looks down and realizes John has blocked her! Neither Blake or Gwen turned their chair so Max automatically joins Team Legend.

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