Hoop Aerialist Matthew Richardson SHOCKS You With His Talent – America’s Got Talent 2019

Matthew Richardson America's Got Talent 2019

 He impressed the first time around. This time, he’s performing a routine inspired by his dad, who supported his dream. While staying in a hotel called the Dream Catcher, he dreamed about his dad’s death. Then her learned his dad had pancreatic cancer. He died a month later. He works with a hoop styled like a dream catcher. His dad’s voice from recordings narrate the act. This is different. His presentation, like last time, is elegant and artistic. Unsurprisingly, Matthew receives a standing ovation. Brad calls it moving and inspiring. Gabrielle says we’re watching him literally make his dreams come true. Simon confesses that he still talks to his late mom and dad. He thinks the act is worthy of headlining the main show. 

Hoop artist Matthew Richardson delivers a heart-wrenching performance to honor his late father who died of pancreatic cancer.

Matthew Richardson turned his nearly career-ending injury into art. He impresses us all with his hoops performance.

Hoop Aerialist – Thirty-three year old aerialist Matthew got a late start, after turning 20, but hopes AGT can be his ticket to a performing career. Currently he’s a free lance graphic designer. He performs a beautiful, graceful act involving a hoop. It’s hard to believe he got such a late start on his craft. Plus, he’s over 30 and still so limber and strong. Matthew explains that he’s been struggling for years, through injuries, even. Gabrielle is impressed that he went for his dreams. Howie calls him graceful and athletic. Simon says yes, but warns that there needs to be more going forward. – 4 yeses

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