Matt Johnson vs Franc West Battles "Too Close" The Voice Season 15

Matt Johnson vs Franc West Sing Too Close – The Voice Battles

Matt Johnson vs Franc West Battles

Too Close by Alice Clair – Franc’s son is a fan of the show. He was a one chair turn. Matt has been auditioning for The Voice since season 1. Currently, he works at a winery. And he’s openly gay. Matt is smooth while Franc is gritty. Opposites! Jennifer is looking the most seasoned singer. Halsey cautioned to dial back the runs. Jennifer advises that they treat the performance like “a journey.” Jenifer notes that Franc brings the swag, while Matt brings the passion. 

Matt has a gorgeous, smooth voice. His tone is outstanding. Franc is grittier, a lived in voice with lots of growl and rasp. Maybe it’s a preference thing with these two. The song is more in Matt’s wheelhouse, I think. Give Franc a retro soul tune, and he kills. I prefer Matt on this particular song.
Kelly liked that both showed off their lower range. If Kelly HAD to pick one, she’s choose Matt. She loves his round tone. Adam mentions his coming back every season, and being Jennifer last pick. “I think you should be on the show.” Blake loves Franc’s raspy voice–he’d choose Franc. Jennifer Chooses Franc. Matt is Eliminated. OK I’m a little surprised. Considering how the song choice favored Matt AND his appealing backstory, I thought he had it. Jennifer just could not get over Franc’s swagger and cutting tone. 

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