Matt Johnson’s Voice Soars with “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

Matt Johnson  Blind Auditions 

26 – Staunton VA –  Never Too Much by Luther Vandross – He works at a local winery. He sells memberships, hosts tastings. And he’s the entertainment. He’s gay and black and that’s scarce in the small town where he grew up. He did some professional theater in Houston. He moved back home after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It became metastatic, and now it’s considered terminal. He’s auditioned for the show since Season 1!!! Welp. There is no suspense here. Pretty sure Jennifer’s gonna turn! It’s taking her a while though. Matt has a pleasant soulful voice. It’s kinda generic though.  Smart boy. He hits a long note. That got Jennifer to hit her button.When Matt confesses that he’s been auditioning every season, the coaches give him a standing ovation. The coaches want to meet mom. She comes on stage. Jennifer gives Matt a big hug. –Jennifer Fills her Team

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