The Four 2018 Season 2 Matt Bloyd Audition Performance

25 – Modesto CA – How Will I Know by Whitney Houston – I recognized that name immediately. He’s a Youtube star and has sung several duets with American Idol alum Jessica Sanchez.  His dad wanted him to be a sports star. But he wanted to do music instead. Dad was supportive! He performs a slowed up piano driven version of the Whitney classic.Matt’s got a pretty tone and nice phrasing. Now there’s a falsetto. OK. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t go through. “I love what you did with that song,” says Meghan. Diddy didn’t like his falsetto. Huh. I disagree with that. “Make if flow, finesse it” he says. Khaled wants to see a challenge. The crowd begins chanting “EAT EAT EAT.” – 3 Blue Rings Matt Challenges Whitney Reign

Viewers reactions:

Monty Lor I’ve been a fan since his early YouTube days! Let’s go! He’s too similar to James. Whitney would be the better choice.

Jennifer Hardy If he makes it next week, he should try Muse or Incubus, They compliment his range perfectly.

Kristina Kimrey Lynch Woop woop go after james. I need to see a competition!!!!

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