Coach John Legend Loves Both Marybeth Byrd and Preston C. Howell – The Voice Knockouts 2019 – Donald Trump – American Idol – America`s Got Talen

Coach John Legend Loves Both Marybeth Byrd and Preston C. Howell – The Voice Knockouts 2019

Marybeth Byrd performs “All I Ask” and Preston C. Howell performs “The Way You Look Tonight” during The Voice The Knockouts

Preston C. Howell – The Way You Look Tonight – He sang Fire and Rain in the Battles. It was out of his comfort zone! So he’s back to his Buble deal. John warns him to find unique melodic moments so he doesn’t sound karaoke. Taylor suggests he flirt with the audience. Preston has a warm tone, but he often sounds underpitch to my ears. His vocal verges on laconic, like he doesn’t quite get there. He reminds me a little of Perry Como. (For the olds!). So he takes Taylor’s advice and winks at Gwen. Also, he reminds me a little of a young David Archuleta. NOT his vocal style–his look and the way he carries himself.

Marybeth Byrd – All I Ask by Adele – Marybeth had a stutter. She heard Adele as a kid and realized she didn’t stutter when she sang! Oh. Blake predicts Marybeth will be in the finale. John suggest she work around the lower notes. Change it if she’s not comfortable. Taylor admits she throws away notes if she can’t sing them. No kidding. I know Marybeth loves her some Adele, but I hope she sticks to Americana if she lasts in the competition. Although she sings it well, I’m not digging her as an AC artist. And yes, she struggles a little on the verse. But when she hits her upper register, she’s terrific. She puts her own spin on the song. There’s passion that’s blessedly free of oversinging.

Dane & Stephanie battle Marybeth Byrd, performing “Burning House” during The Voice The Battles,

Mendeleyev battles Preston C. Howell, performing “Fire and Rain” during The Voice The Battles

Gwen calls Preston a phenom. She appreciated his stage presence. She thinks Marybeth’s style is coming out. Kelly notes how hard the Adele song is to sing. She loves how she’s working strategy. Kelly wants Preston to flip a song. Blake stupidly calls “Dream a Little Dream” a Mamas & Pappas song (Cass Elliot recorded it solo and SHE COVERED A DANG STANDARD). Blake likes that Marybeth swung at the fences. He admires that. John is having a tough time deciding. Blake suggests going to commercial. AND THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS. John Picks Marybeth!!!!! OK I’m shocked. SHOCKED. I predicted Blake would steal Marybeth. WRONG. Preston C. Howell is eliminated They pimped the heck out of that kid. Until they didn’t.

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